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Welcome to Vacuum Interrupters Limited

Vacuum Interrupters Limited (VIL) is an independent company with unrivalled experience in the design, manufacture and use of vacuum interrupters (VI). We are in a unique position to provide expert impartial advice and support on all aspects of vacuum switching technology and can give you a customised service focusing on your issues and delivering the results you are looking for. Whether you are a manufacturer of vacuum interrupters, a manufacturer of vacuum switchgear or a user of vacuum switchgear, VIL can help you by improving existing designs and manufacturing processes, developing new designs and processes and evaluating the condition and potential operating life of vacuum interrupters in service.

Some of the services offered by VIL include:

Design of vacuum interrupters

Design of manufacturing plant for VI and VI contact material

Evaluation and improvement of existing VI designs and VI plant

Impartial forensic investigation into VI failures

Revalidation of ageing interrupters

Training courses and lectures on VI and related technology 

You can find further details in the Services section. 

If you are looking for independent and impartial advice on any aspect of Vacuum Interrupter technology, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

VIL is committed to providing expert advice, practical support and innovative solutions relating to all aspects of Vacuum Interrupter Technology.


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